Lexi the white Samoyed wants to wake her human up! Watch her hilarious reaction!

Samoyed dogs are beautiful, they are very big and have amazing fur. They are extremely smart and proud, so if you see a Samoyed that respects their human, you can be sure that they are absolutely in love with their owner.

All pet owners have their morning rituals with their pets, I know that personally my cat wakes me up at the same time every day demanding food and attention. I really have no need for an alarm clock with the help of my feline friend! Likewise this owner has a sweet Samoyed to wake him up.

Meet Lexi, the fluffy Samoyed, she is demanding her daily walk, however there is just one problem, dad is still sound asleep in bed, and he refuses to wake up. She is very respectful but insistent; she really wants the attention of her sleepy human.

In the following video, you will the adorable dog jumping onto the owner’s bed, quietly watches him snooze in bed. Then, she begins to gently tap his chest with her paw in order to wake him up. Eventually she begins to sniff his face and gives him multiple kisses and finally, she taps her paws on Dad’s face!

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