Limbo dancing elephant seen crossing the border

This sneaky mammoth has skillfully crossed the anti-elephant fence. The elephant simply crawls below the fence like a soldier in order to get to the other side.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to underestimate the capabilities of a specific creature that we end up telling what they can and can’t do.

However, there are certain situations wherein animals showcase shocking skills that will leave you surprised. Apparently, one of those talented creatures is this giant elephant.

Even if an anti-elephant barrier has set up, this mammoth has skillfully overcome the obstacle, making it useless in his sight. He literally crawls under the fence to cross the other side.

The trending footage shows how sneaky this elephant is when he flawlessly makes his way into the other side of the fence.

This only proves that we can’t really underestimate their skills and thinking process whenever they’re in a decisive moment. This will serve as a good reminder of how talented an animal could be.

Elephant uses "stealth mode" to foil anti-elephant fence from nextfuckinglevel

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Limbo dancing elephant seen crossing the border