Lion and dachshunds have grown up together and their friendship will warm your heart

If a typical lion saw a dachshund, it might think to itself, “Hey, a hot dog for lunch!” Fortunately, Bonedigger is anything but a typical lion. He and a group of four dachshunds were all less than two months old when they were introduced at their new home, the G. W. Exotic Animal Park in Winwood, Oklahoma. According to a caretaker, “Bonedigger gets along with all four of the wiener dogs, but for some reason Abby gets away with a lot more. Him and Abby have had a special bond from the first day.”

Far from trying to eat the dachshunds, the gentle lion adopted a very protective attitude toward them, almost as if he’d appointed himself mother dachshund. That’s not to say he’s in charge. Like a many small dogs, dachshunds make up for their small size with a huge attitude. “Believe it or not, the weenie dogs actually overpower him.”

“You know, we’ve actually split them up. When I go in to weed-eat the cage, the weenie dogs attack the head of the weed-eater, so I have to kick the weenie dogs out of the cage and Bonedigger just paces and cries up and down the fence. And as soon as I’m done weed-eating, I let the weenie dogs back in and he counts his weenie dogs, makes sure they’re all there and just loves all over them. He loves on them, they usually lick his mouth and lay on him and roll over. It’s a pretty cool reunion. Act like they’ve been gone forever and, you know, it’s only been five or ten minutes. And every time we do that, it happens. The lesson that you get from Abby and Bondigger living together is, he is a wild animal but he can be tame. The weenie dog is a tame animal but it can be wild. There’s a little bit of each animal in each one of them.”

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