Listen to the best ukulele cover of ‘Santa Baby’ by Reneé Dominique

Before watching this video, I had never heard of Reneé Dominique. If you asked her to describe herself she would say she’s something of a “free soul walking down your street, with a ukulele and two dancing feet,” Renee Dominique has music going down her veins and has been involved in it for many years. She has an amazing voice that many people would describe as being perfect for watching the raindrops falling, with a delightful book and a cup of hot cocoa.

Her voice sets the mood for any lazy day. She can take you places with her music that you had forgotten existed. But how did she get the start in music, and how did all of that happen? She was born to musicians and inherited their passion for music. “I remember writing my first-ever composition when I was around 4 years old,” Renee recalls. “It was called “Ti Ti La La,” which was a mumble of words that I believed meant ‘I love you.’ It was also the same age when I had my first voice recording projects for TV and radio commercials.”

Renee plays many instruments besides the ukulele, she plays acoustic guitar, bass, piano, and drums. She says her personality is very similar to a ukulele because she believes there are four sides to herself —just as the ukulele’s four strings.

Renee had already garnered attention on YouTube before the release of the very first single she launched with Star Records called “Boy.” Renee became very popular on YouTube and her videos started to draw attention and many views. Her YouTube channel has over 35,000 subscribers. Her videos are classic hits by international and local artists. Her two top-viewed videos are The Beatles’ “I Will” and Rey Valera’s “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko.” Fans love the way her airy voice gives her renditions the unique vibe they have.

Her channel also has her own original compositions, as well as some collaborations. She recently collaborated with Asch Catabona on the recording of her latest hit, “idk” (I Don’t Know). She loved the collaboration because she said she had a lot of fun and found it to be very honest. When asked what motivated her to write that song, she said: “There comes a time in your life where you start to doubt yourself, if you’re doing the right thing, and if the road you’re treading leads you to your destiny. It’s a song I wrote during my lowest moments.”

Get ready for her latest ukulele cover. This song is getting a lot of views and it is sure to put a smile on your face. The name of the song is “Santa Baby.” Grab some hot chocolate and don’t forget to put your Christmas hat on!