This Little Animal Rejected By His Mother Gets An Unexpected New Best Friend

It’s borderline unfathomable to consider growing up without a mother-figure to take care of us. As humans, we thankfully seem to always have some sort of guardian to handle things if our biological parents cannot. When you’re an animal, though, things become even tougher when you’re left without a mom. Oftentimes, this can put your survival at risk. This was exactly what was happening to a little animal named Dale.

Dale, a takin who was born at the Cincinnatti Zoo, was rejected by his mother when he was born, leaving his fate in the hands of the zookeepers. They were especially concerned about Dale’s emotional state, wondering if he’d be able to make it without a mom. As a herd animal, it was natural for Dale to seek out a companion. Thankfully, the zoo had someone in mind who they knew would be prepared to handle the situation perfectly.

The zookeepers introduced Dale to a little dog named Blakely, who had quite the reputation around the property. He was known for spending time with young animals around the zoo who needed a pick-me-up, providing them with the companionship necessary for them to thrive. The zookeepers were confident he’d be a great friend for Dale, who was lonely and in need of some tender love and compassion.

Dale and Blakely became pretty inseparable right away, doing everything with one another, from exercising to napping. With Dale being so young, it was crucial that he got all the rest he needed! These two furry friends really seemed to hit it off and they sure do serve as a much-needed support team for each other. Watch them play together and see how loving Blakely is with his young friend. Then share this incredible video with your friends and leave your thoughts down below!