Little boy loves John Deere tractors

Adorable Little boy riding John Deere tractors

A little country kid from New England gets to meet a brand new mini Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force tractor with a trailer, and you won’t believe how happy he looks! After all, “nothing runs like a Deere” in the fields.

Country Boy Kids is a channel where the owners share their kid Blake’s fun adventures on YouTube. This little guy roams around in the tractors with his pug pals and seems to have the time of their lives.

You’ll love how he reacts to the mini John Deere for the first time. His eyes were truly speaking for himself. He was standing with a sweet smile until he decided to get some of his toys and start a tour around.

You can’t miss the time when Blake spots his old man’s full-sized John Deere. He just rushed to it! Although, it was a little too big for this country kid. The smile he gives while holding the steering wheel is priceless!

Adorable Little boy riding John Deere tractors

The green and yellow color of Blake’s John Deere tractor blends nicely with the surrounding. After all, John Deere is a symbol of the green agricultural industry of America.

“John Deere” is a beloved brand in the United States among farmers and country music fans. It is connected with farming, hard work, dependability, and American ingenuity and perseverance.

This massive amount of trust wasn’t built overnight. This company supported the hardworking country folks through the Great Depression. They saved the American agriculture farms with friendly initiatives and inventions, and, now, they are a part of its legacy.

John Deere tractor’s legacy dates back almost two centuries when the first polished steel plow was built. They changed the industry, and the John Deere name has already become a part of the American culture.

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