This Little Cockatoo Is 89 Years Old, But Wait Till You Hear His Amazing Story! Heartwarming!

Cockatoos are fascinating creatures. They are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also very intelligent. And who could forget how entertaining they are. In this clip, we get to meet an incredible umbrella cockatoo. Umbrella cockatoos are also sometimes called white cockatoos. They are medium-sized all white birds that are found mostly in the tropical rainforest of Indonesia.

This beautiful bird is named Duster. She might look small, but you will be surprised to know that she is actually older than most of us. Duster was born in 1925, and this year she turned 91 years old. He used to be an outstanding performer in Tampa Bay decades ago, but nowadays he is enjoying his retired life. You are going to be stunned when you see her story for yourself!

In this video, some of the people who used to work with explain that Duster was apparently captured in the wild in Australia and brought to California. That doesn’t sound very nice, but she was well taken care of and taught to entertain others, but seemed to enjoy performing and having something active to do.

What did Duster do, you’re wondering? She rode a bicycle across a wire and she could roller skate! She is amazing to watch as they show clips of her performing back in the 1970’s. Nowadays she is retired and totally spoiled by her owner. Duster even waves good morning to everyone, and likes to let her other bird friends out of their cages so they can have a little party.

Watch this amazing video below! What are your thoughts about Duster’s talents? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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