Little Girl and Baby Gorilla Become Fast Friends

Families flock to zoos for a variety of reasons: it makes for a perfect outing on a nice day, you get to learn more about animals that you are less familiar with, and you get to see some very beautiful and exotic creatures that you otherwise probably wouldn’t get a chance to see normally. Whatever your reason for visiting the zoo, it is probably a rare phenomenon when someone can interact with a zoo animal.

Maybe you have been able to pet one or see an animal up close, but it is usually unlikely for them to actually appear to be engaged. This special little girl was able to make a unique friend and have an adorable, fun experience that she is certain to remember fondly for the rest of her life.


As this little girl slowly begins to grab the attention and interest of a similarly sized baby gorilla at her local zoo, something amazing starts to happen. Once she follows him back and forth across the glass enclosure, the two quickly develop an interesting bond and start to play by mimicking one another.

Towards the end of their little game, the monkey and little girl do something so adorable that it evokes an “aww” from parents and others watching the encounter nearby. What a sweet and touching interaction. This is definitely a must-see!

Little Girl and Baby Gorilla Become Fast Friends