What These Little Yorkie Puppies Do to Defend Their Home from Intruders Will Make You Smile

What is it about Yorkshire Terriers that make us fall in love with them? Your gonna melt from “cuteness overload” the likes of which you have never seen in this video…

There are adorable moments, but this one has to top them all…  It’s heartwarming to see your dog be protective and shoo away intruders in your yard. But what had me glued to the video was the watchdog’s adorable puppies who tried to stand up as a line of defense as well.

These tiny pups could barely stand up, and their attempts at barking at the intruder will have you falling on the floor with laughter! Watch how the boys loll around while the girl named Lo paces up and down and finally urges her three brothers to action when she sees and hears her mother growling.

United we stand, divided we fall – these puppies sure follow this saying. Their mum does a border patrol when she spies guinea hens in their garden. Holding in high alert, she barks to shoo away the noisy neighbors. The trespassers ignore the barks from the dog inside the house, and they continue on their noisy adventures.

But mum has helped – in the form of her adorable Yorkie pups. They all get up, and bark (or at least they try to) and soon the intruders are recorded leaving the property. Their cute yelps had more fierceness in them than I thought!

We’re not the only ones who are hitting the replay button on this video. “Love how the girl prances with such attitude! What a march she has!” Someone else also said: “The way the little girl marches like a show dog, she’ll be a good best in the show someday!”

This video made my day. Nothing but happy thoughts now! Haha. What is it about puppies? They have the power to turn any frown upside down. God bless, them!

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What These Little Yorkie Puppies Do to Defend Their Home from Intruders Will Make You Smile