She Was Living On The Streets As A Homeless Dog. But When She Got Rescued? So Touching!

Hope For Paws is like a guardian angel to those animals suffering in the streets or in the shelters. They stay on the sidelines and appear when some poor soul needs them. One day, they received a call about a homeless Chihuahua who had been living in the streets for quite a few months. They immediately rushed to the scene to rescue her and what follows is completely heartwarming.

Jenny was surviving only because of the help of some kind people who had been feeding her. She was a bit freaked out at first, but when she experienced the kind touch of a human hand, she relaxed right away. Of course, Lisa and Eldad used their trademark cheeseburgers to lure her in and gain her trust, but all the right reasons.

As soon as they got closer to Jenny, they knew immediately she would need surgery to correct her “cherry eye,” but otherwise, she looked as if she were in pretty good health. The rescuers took her to the hospital for a bath and medical treatment. She seemed to enjoy being clean and getting so much positive attention.

She has now been taken in by Smooch Pooch Rescue that is fostering her before she can move on to her forever home. She’s playful and sweet and loves to give Eldad and Lisa kisses. She loves belly rubs and would be a wonderful pet.

Watch Jenny’s rescue in the video below and let us know your thoughts about this heartwarming rescue via your comments!

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