Local gas station displays hysterical message and the whole town laughs out loud

“Laughter is the best medicine,” or so people say. Starting your day will a laugh will ensure you see the rest of the day on a very positive note. I heard these sayings before. I was not very fond of them. I used to think that people who were in a good mood most of the time were people who had very good breaks in life. For some reason, I felt that those “good breaks” were eluding me.

After I saw a few posters of a motivational speaker, I decided to enroll in one of those seminars. You know, those seminars where they talk about failure and success. I told myself that I would do everything that I could to turn my luck around. I had heard so many stories at that point. Some of them made a lot of sense while others seemed to be rip-offs right away.

I arrived there with a very open mind and grand expectations. A couple of colleagues of mine had attended one of those talks and looked rejuvenated by the following Monday. The speaker was full of energy, I even imagined that he must be exhausted after an all-day event. He would be boasting everyone’s confidence with the use of games and workshops. That took a lot of energy!

They started with a thorough analysis of my drives and motivations. What drives you to work hard every day? What are your goals? What is your ultimate goal in life? These were questions that I was forced to ask myself. I honestly had no idea. I always thought that what drove me every day was my desire to succeed, or so I thought. I found out after the seminar that what most drove me was a desire to be acknowledged by everyone else as “success.” This made me rethink the way I viewed myself.

The course was over and I learned my most important life lesson: Positive thinking attracts positive results. It is just how everything works. If I start my day thinking it is going to be a wonderful day, it will. It also worked the other day around. I found myself looking for positive messages and quotes that would help me capitalize my success. I found what I was looking for at a local gas station.

They have a sign with a funny message or quote that gets changed every day. It goes from funny to sarcastic. Whatever the topic is, I always start my day with a laugh and after watching this next video, so will you!