That Looks Like A Tiny Mouse, But Wait Till The Camera Zooms Out

Seeing a new type of species is always shocking and fascinating at the same time. There are around 50 million species on our planet and we actually know only a small percentage of them. Take for example, a jerboa. Have you ever heard of this animal? I hadn’t. This video shows a Baluchistan pygmy jerboa. It is a tiny mouse like creature with legs that resemble a kangaroo’s.

Jerboas are known to typically live in the desert and they don’t drink water. These rodents get the moisture they require from the plants they consume. They are incredible jumpers and can leap several feet in a single bound, which given the size of their feet compared to their small bodies is understandable. Their main threats are predators, including snakes. In the video, this small rodent appears to be grooming himself and even plays with his own tail, which is quite long in comparison to his size.

Getting one around the US as a pet could be a bit hard as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention placed a ban on the importation and sale of African rodents after an outbreak of monkey pox in 2003. So I guess you will have to be content to watch this curious creature in this video.

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