“Lord of Dance” Gets Awesome Rendition From Irish Dancers

Many people are getting restless as they’re stuck at home day after day. A talented troop of Irish dancers didn’t let that stop them from dancing the blues away. They even recorded their entertaining antics for us to see.

Michael Flatley is the name behind the Lord of the Dance. Flatley is using his creation to spread a smile to those affected by the current state of the world. Nearly one million people have seen the energizing video appropriately titled, “Dance For Hope.”

I like to dance around my house like everyone else, but I don’t think I’d ever had the guts to post it for the entire world to see. The first clip we see is a variety of people from the Warlord dance group who are sitting at home and bored out of their skulls.

That’s all it takes before thinks break off into jaw-droppingly entertaining compilation. There are a variety of friendly faces doing housework, performing tricks, and of course, working in an Irish jig. I can’t help but shimmy and shake along with these talented men and women.