Loretta Lynn Expresses Her Everlasting Love For Husband, Doo, In ‘He’s Got All Of Me’

Loretta Lynn was only 15 years old when she married Oliver Doolittle “Doo” Lynn on January 10, 1948. The two had only known each other for one month, but Loretta knew it was true love right from the beginning.

Loretta thanks Doo and his constant support for getting her music career off the ground. Well before she ever started releasing albums and chart topping singles, she was playing in local clubs, due to Doo’s help.

Doo was with Loretta when she came to Nashville to sing, for the very first time, at the Grand Ole Opry. The couple had very little money, definitely not enough for a hotel, and they slept in their car across the street from the OPry. Come morning, Doo bought them doughnuts with what little cash he had.

The marriage wasn’t always a bed of roses, however. According to Loretta’s autobiography, Still Woman Enough: A Memoir, Doo had trouble with alcoholism, and was a serial cheater. Still, he believed in her more than anybody else did, and for Loretta that was more than enough to make the marriage work.

Loretta has written several songs about her marriage to Doo and their enduring love. One of the most touching has to be “I’m All He’s Got (But He’s Got All Of Me)” This is one to warm your heart.

Watch Loretta Lynn’s touching tribute to her husband in the video below!

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