Loretta Lynn Wows With “Coal Miner’s Daughter” Live In Concert

The first lady of country music, Loretta Lynn, sings “Coal Miner’s Daughter” live in concert. Born an actual coal miner’s daughter, Loretta’s emotion rings out touching hearts all around the world. Her timeless classic may just make you cry, as the storyteller and songbird shares lyrics inspired by her life.

The true story depicts Lynn’s upbringing in rural Kentucky. Her and seven siblings surviving off a single coal miner’s salary presented a life where money was short, but love was in abundance. Her father deeply cared for each of his children, inspiring this song, which is quite a contrast to the sassy recording that Loretta had come to be famous for.

“Coal Miner’s Daughter” became one of the most iconic songs in all of country music history. Fans were overflowing with praise from the moment that his heartfelt track was heard, and it continues to inspire to this day. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself choking as it’s a truly touching tale.

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