Lovable Edith reaches her breaking point with Archie Bunker

All In The Family always had the funniest exchanges between Archie Bunker and his wife, Edith. Archie is usually blustered and agonized about everything. Edith’s high-pitched voice was always aggravating to him as well.

Edith usually stood by while Archie went into his usual tirades. That dynamic took an exciting shift in season five.

In this episode, Archie comes home with a story to tell about the subway. Edith is excited to hear it, saying it’s wonderful. Archie is unsure of her energy for the story he hasn’t revealed yet.

Archie reveals he found a $20 bill. Edith, however, asks if Archie asked anybody on the subway if they lost the money. Archie argues you never talk to anybody on the subway.

Edith then prepares to tell Archie something. She brings up how she didn’t write to her cousin to tell her not to come over to the house. This was Archie’s request.

Archie, feeling good, tells Edith not to worry about it. He’s in a good mood and decides to get his beer tonight.

Mike and Gloria are present. They’re surprised by Archie’s change in character. Edith, however, doesn’t think Archie correctly heard her and decides to tell him again.

Archie cuts up a cake when Edith, Mike, and Gloria enter the kitchen. Edith forbids Archie, stating that’s a dessert for later. She then reiterates what she said earlier about her cousin.

Archie changes his response to say Edith should call instead. He also insults her cousin before leaving the kitchen with his beer. ‘I was wrong; that’s Archie,’ remarks Mike.

Edith asks Gloria and Mike what she should do now. Gloria stresses Edith should fight for her cousin to come. Gloria then shoves Edith into the living room to stand up to Archie.

With Archie in his chair, Edith approaches cautiously. She sheepishly says she doesn’t want to call. She then states clearly she refuses to call.

Archie, confused, asks Edith to explain herself. Edith explains thoroughly that she wants her cousin to come to the house. ‘Case closed,’ says Edith as the audience claps.

Archie then states Edith shouldn’t be acting like a dingbat. ‘Oh, foul, you just hit me below the belt,’ says Edith. Archie says he’s nowhere near her.

Archie suspects Mike and Gloria put Edith up to this stunt. Edith says this is a fair fight that they’re having.

Archie refuses to have this fight, but Edith says it’ll bring them together. She also says it’ll strengthen their marriage. An irritated Archie asks, ‘Are you going through the change again?’

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Lovable Edith reaches her breaking point with Archie Bunker