Lucille Ball performs with her daughter Lucie and Wayne Newton

In one of the most fun episodes of ‘Here’s Lucy,’ the talented Lucille Ball joins forces with singer Wayne Newton and her daughter, Lucie Arnaz. They perform the song ‘Waiting for the Robert E. Lee,’ complete with a banjo solo!

Wayne asks the backing guitars, ‘Are you ready back there?’ They reply in sync with a depressed tone, ‘Oh, gosh, yeah.’ Lucille is on guitar while her daughter and Wayne are in the front singing.

Everyone is wearing a suit with a bowtie, and the background is shimmering silver streamers. Wayne and Lucie start singing and dancing in a high-energy performance. They’re putting everything they have into the song.

Wayne and Lucie move quickly across the stage, waving their hands and shaking their bodies. Midway through the song, Wayne, Lucie, and Lucille grab banjos and begin an incredible dance routine.

During the banjo solo, the three entertainers do a choreographed dance that involves some tricky moves. They even end the section with a kick line while playing the banjo.

Lucie Arnaz was the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. She enjoyed a long career in TV and Broadway musicals. She starred alongside Neil Diamond in ‘The Jazz Singer.’

Wayne Newton became one of the best-known entertainers in Las Vegas. His nicknames include, ‘The Midnight Idol,’ ‘Mr. Las Vegas,’ and ‘Mr. Entertainment.’ His signature song was ‘Danke Schoen.’ The three talented performers put on an excellent performance on ‘Here’s Lucy.’

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Lucille Ball performs with her daughter Lucie and Wayne Newton