Lucille Ball Receives Heartwarming Surprise During Visit to Johnny Carson’s Show

Travel back in time as we watch one of the most iconic names in Hollywood get a lovely surprise during an episode of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Lucille Ball was visiting to talk about her life when Carson shocked her with a special guest.

We all know and love Lucille Ball from her highly successful career as Lucy on I Love Lucy. The show was all about Lucy getting into hilarious situations, along with her husband, Ricky, and their neighbors Ethel and Fred.

During a 1974 interview with Johnny Carson, Lucille is talking all about her love for her family. At the time, her children were all grown up and on their own. Her son Desi Arnaz Jr. surprised her during the interview, shocking herself and the audience.

She quickly embraced her song, and he joined her for the rest of the interview. We can’t help but watch this nostalgic clip over and over again. Seeing these classic stars all together will make you feel like you’ve traveled back to the 1970s.