Luke Bryan Gives His Audience A Surprise Dance Lesson When He Teaches Them To ‘Shake It’

Luke Bryan is known for his booty-shaking abilities. He’s even written a song dedicated to his prowess! Thankfully, he’s been more than happy to teach others this much-needed dance floor skill, to great hilarity.

Luke was playing a show in Long Island, in 2013, when he found another opportunity to spread his wisdom. In the middle of “Country Girl (Shake It For Me0”, he stopped and invited a couple country boys to join him onstage.

“Girls, I know you all like to see a country boy shake it from time to time,” he said to the audience, and received a great cheer in return. So Luke wanted to give the girls in the audience a little show. But the guys he invited up don’t do so well ‘shaking it’.

“Hold on…all y’all doing is walking around,” he said. He brought them back to center stage and gave an impromptu shaking lesson, much to the delight of the audience.

Bryan bends down low and swings his hips, and the crowd to goes wild. One of the guys manages to get the moves down, but the other one is hopeless. Luke sends them back to their seats, and proceeds to ‘shake it’ a little more.

Watch this video of Luke Bryan giving dance lessons below!

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