Luxurious 1959 Bed Has Fancy Futuristic Features

When you think of futuristic technology, you may believe we are living in a golden age. Most phones are mini-computers that can fit in your pocket, televisions can flawlessly connect to the internet, and there are even self-driving cars.

Back in 1959, the thought of the future is much like how our reality is today. One company was ahead of their time when they created a futuristic bed that had everything you needed. It was something unlike anything else of the era.

There were features like a small kitchenette inside a drawer, built-in telephones, a lighting control panel, and more. It didn’t come without faults, as it weighed around 2,500 pounds and had a price tag to match.

While the tape player for listening to soundscapes would be nice, our favorite feature is the electrified facial care system. There wasn’t much that the bed couldn’t do. Thankfully, we have all of these features today, but it’s so cool to see what the future looked like in the late 1950s.