This Magnificent Stallion Is Being Called The Most Photogenic Horse On The Planet

With so many beautiful creatures gracing the planet, we should consider ourselves lucky that we even get to catch a glimpse of some of these animals. It’s truly incredible that we can study and discover so many magnificent species of animals, and even more amazing that we can encounter them – or, at least, stare at some beautiful photos.

In particular, horses are some of the most treasured and mesmerizing animals on the planet. Their grace, intelligence, and abilities are top notch, and they’re just so lovely to look at with their strength and majesty! The image of a stallion galloping through a field of grass can be enough to leave you breathless. However, few have spotted a horse as fantastic and photogenic as Frederik the Great, a black Friesian stallion who might just be the most handsome you’ve ever seen! He belongs to the Pinnacle Friesians, who come from the Ozark Mountains. Talk about a mountain majesty!

Not only is Frederik the Great impressively strong, but his sheer black coat makes him a stand-out when put up against other horses. His mane makes it seem as though he came straight out of a salon, blowing perfectly behind him in the wind as he gallops along. This horse was born camera-ready, and he’s always prepared to strike a pose and show off his polished coat and long, flowing hair. We should ask him about his shampooing and styling routine! How has he not yet made a cameo on the cover of a romance novel as a young man’s trusty steed?

Words can only do so much in attempting to describe this horse’s beauty. He was made to be a model. You have to see him for yourself! Watch this majestic creature go about his day and share this video with your fellow horse lovers. Then, leave your comments for us below!