Makeover artist demonstrates gorgeous mature makeup application

Christopher Hopkins is known online as The Makeover Guy. His videos show dramatic makeover transformations on clients and volunteers. In many of his videos, he creates a look with a member of his team and films the makeup application.

In this video, his artist Kayla transforms her model, Carol. Carol goes from having a bare face to a lovely natural look that makes her look many years younger.

To create a full-coverage look, Kayla starts with a green primer to neutralize the red tones in Carol’s skin. This makes a “clean” base for Kayla to stack products on top of.

Kayla uses the same principle to neutralize the dark areas under Carol’s eyes with peach-toned concealer. This brightens up the dark areas and lifts Carol’s features. Foundation matched to Carol’s skin is blended into the concealer until it looks natural.

After the foundation is set with a fine powder, Kayla moves on to the eyes. She uses a light shade of blonde eyebrow pencil to accentuate Carol’s natural brows and highlights the areas shadowed by the browbone. Kayla also adds mascara onto and in between the eyelashes to create a dark line before following up with a brown eyeliner.

Kayla adds bronzer and blush along Carol’s cheekbones and around other contour points to create warmth and dimension. This gives the illusion of lifting the face and prevents a washed-out complexion from the foundation.

The final result of the makeover has Carol beaming! The “before” photo shows a lovely, naturally styled Carol and the “after” shows her complete glam look, including a hair and style transformation.

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Makeover artist demonstrates gorgeous mature makeup application