Mall stores we loved that went out of business

Many people who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s will remember these great mall stores that no longer exist. From shoes to movies to music, you could get it all at these mall stores from the past.

If you needed shoes, you’d look no further than ‘Thom McAn.’ The store sold leather-dress, casual, and athletic shoes in its hundreds of retail stores. You could also visit the ‘G.R. Kinney Company’ for your shoe needs.

The ‘Warner Bros. Studio Store’ was your one-stop-shop for anything’ Looney Tunes,’ ‘DC Comics,’ and any other Warner Bros. film merchandise. If it was teen clothing you needed, you could visit ‘Gadzooks, Inc.,’ which featured a life-size version of part of a Volkswagen Beetle inside the store.

The best mall toy store was ‘K-B Toys.’ It started in 1922 as a candy store and became a toy store in 1946. There were over 1,300 stores in 1999 in America at its height.

Another classic mall store was ‘Sharper Image.’ The store offered cutting-edge electronics, air purifiers, and high-tech gifts. Another popular teen clothing store was ‘Limited Too,’ which targeted the ‘tween’ girl market.

The place for music, video games, and entertainment was the now-extinct ‘Sam Goody.’ If your interest was books, then you’d remember ‘B. Dalton Bookseller’ and ‘Waldenbooks.’

Popular mall fashion retailers included ‘Wet Seal’ and ‘Merry-Go-Round.’ Of course, all of these stores have gone out of business, and malls now feature new stores in their place, but you may have fond memories of shopping in one of these classic retailers.

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Mall stores we loved that went out of business