Mama Deer Fights Off Coyotes to Defend Her Precious Fawns

As a parent, you know you would do whatever it takes to protect your young ones from harm. That is precisely what this deer did to protect her fawns. You will not know what to expect when a couple of coyotes interrupt a peaceful June morning for a doe and her twin fawns. This doe has had many babies and is a caring, loving mother.

All too often, when a mother doe has two fawns, one of them gets killed by coyotes, but not these fawns. The mother deer encounters this coyote and chases him, coming very close to catching and stomping him. The coyote ran off as mama deer thwarted the attack on her fawns. The doe reencounters the coyote, and she chases him around and around until he is finally gone.

The good news is that the two fawns survived the attack and got away. The babies return to their mother and have a warm reunion. Interestingly, a fox comes along to pass through right after that, and when mama deer sees the fox, she huffs to warn her babies away. The fox realizes it would not be wise to go after the fawn, and the fox runs to the other side of the woods.

The mama deer and her fawns are safe at last. This video will have you rooting for the deer and relieved that the little family made it. The footage is impressive, and the narration is excellent. This doe is one courageous and fiercely protective mama.

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Mama Deer Fights Off Coyotes to Defend Her Precious Fawns