Mama Tiger Gave Birth To Her Cub, But What Happened After A Few Minutes? You’ll Be Shocked!

Not many us get a chance to witness an animal give birth before our eyes. It is an even rarer opportunity to come across wild animals giving birth, although there are a few clips on the Internet where people filmed a live birth while on safari. What an amazing opportunity that would be. Most of us have to be content with watching these births on the Internet. The video below features one of these rare births, but this one is at a zoo. You are going to be speechless when you see this for yourself.

A camera was set up in this tiger’s enclosure at the zoo where the staff knew she would go when it was time for her to give birth. Typically tigers so this in a hidden place. This mama tiger delivered her little ones at a zoo in a private enclosure.

A keeper was by her side when she pushed out one tiny little cub, but there was a bit of panic when they realized in a few minutes that the baby wasn’t breathing despite his mom trying her best. However, the mom was persistent and knew what to do.  Keepers will usually not intervene because the mother needs to learn and know how to handle all aspects of the birth.

Thankfully the cub soon gives them a sign that he is alive. But that’s not all this mama tiger has in store for us. The mama proceeds to give birth to another tiny cub, and this one is breathing as soon as it is born. What an incredible thing to watch.

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