This Man Builds An Amazing Sanctuary For Street Homeless Cats In Honor Of His Lost Son

This modest, beautiful and cozy residence, works as a refuge for hundreds of kittens that do not have a home to live in. All the cats that live in the Arsenault`s Happy Cat Sanctuary, spend their days calm and well protected from the cold, wind and rain. Some of them have managed to be rescued from situations of danger or abuse by their owners. In this sanctuary for cats, they find the love and care that they never felt before reaching this beautiful and peaceful place.

Arsenault, is a 58 years-old man of 58, who several years ago, suffered a very important loss in his life. His son Erick, had an accident on a motorcycle and unfortunately died due to his injuries. His life literally collapsed after the loss of his son. Over time, he had to decide whether to stay in depression or change his life for good and regain control.

It was at that moment that he had the first opportunity to help 30 small kittens that were very sick, and managed to save their lives by taking care of them, feeding them and giving them medicines. After this, he knew what his purpose in life was, and decided to start with the Cat Sanctuary.

When you walk around the sanctuary, you can see the love of this man towards the kittens. Many of these animals have been hurt by their owners, but instead of having fear when he shows up, the kittens show him their affection. As soon as they hear the sound of Arsenault`s voice, the kittens run to look for him.

The place is amazing and you can see the effort of this man to take care of the kittens. The entire sanctuary has protective fences around, playgrounds, cat tunnels and heated sleeping places for the cats. Also, all kittens can get in to the house if they wish.

The refuge has managed to pass all the tests done, despite some complaints from neighbors, the place continues to operate normally, and with the license of the authorities.

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