Man finds bobcat in bear trap – what happened next is incredible!

When you’re hiking in the wilderness, you can never be sure what you might encounter and must always prepare accordingly. Outdoorsmen Chris Ward and his buddy Aaron got more than they bargained for when they came across a bear trap that wasn’t empty. The trouble was, it had caught something it shouldn’t have – a large bobcat had become ensnared. The boys couldn’t simply pass on by – and decided to help the stricken animal.

Trying to assist any wild animal can be extremely dangerous, as they’re not always sure that you’re there to try and help them. It can be particularly nerve-wracking when the animal is trapped, injured or cornered in some way, and while it appears the bobcat isn’t hurt, the animal is still going to be very much on the defensive. And as you’ll see – an agitated bobcat is not to be messed with!

Chris’s only choice is to approach the vicious feline with a stick to try and temporarily hold it down as he attempts to free it, but the feisty beast is certainly not making it easy for him! Just when you think he’s managed to pin the animal down, it wrestles free and lunges with its powerful teeth and claws. It’s clearly not a happy cat – and you can hear the anger in the growls!

But Chris thankfully doesn’t give up – even in the face of such a dangerous animal. You certainly wouldn’t want it to get hold of you! Persevering, Chris eventually manages to spring the bear trap claws open, and finally, the cat is free. We think that just like us you’ll have been holding your breath and you can finally release it now!

Still, a little shaken, the bobcat doesn’t quite know what to do and takes up a defensive stance away from the trap as Chris tries to encourage it to flee into the woods. Instead, it decides to bolt under the relative safety and warmth of their jeep! This encounter isn’t quite over yet!

But by starting the engine, the bobcat finally realises he should get going, and flies off at great speed down the hillside and back into the wild. Hopefully never to get entangled in a bear trap again! Don’t miss this amazing footage in the video below and share it with family and friends. It will have you on the edge of your seat!