Man gently rescues bird tangled in old fishing line

Man rescues bird

Recently, a kind fisherman was on his fishing trip when he suddenly stopped his work to rescue a helpless bird because the poor soul seemed to be hurt. The innocent being probably came down to catch a fish in the lake and got stuck in this mess.

Man rescues bird

Birds usually catch their prey by hunting for fish in the lake. However, these poor creatures remain unaware that most careless people or fishermen abandon their fishing lines in the lake.

When the kind fisherman came closer to the location of the injured bird, he found that the bird was so scared of him that he dived underwater. The gentle fisherman was now concerned about the safety of the wounded bird and wanted to help the poor soul.

Man rescues bird

Another person was also trying to help the bird but couldn’t. So, the kind man decided to catch the bird with the help of his fishing net. It was clear to everyone trying to help the bird that the poor creature was stuck in a fishing line.

After several attempts to get closer, the bird was finally caught in the net. As soon as the fisherman saw that the little bird was wholly entangled in the fishing line, he was furious. He couldn’t believe how inconsiderate and careless some people could be.

The kind man thought about how someone’s carelessness could cause other beings to lose their lives and decided to get the bird off that net as soon as possible. He calmly checked the entangled bird and was most concerned about the thread around the bird’s throat.

The scared bird continuously tried to peck at him. Still, the compassionate fisherman only concentrated on getting the bird off the net. Finally, he freed the bird. Before the kind man let him go, he checked on his injury, and when he was convinced that he was excellent, he set the bird free.

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