Man Goes To Adopt A Dog When He Sees One Dog Who Breaks His Heart

We have covered a lot of articles about adoption in shelters. This is a better alternative than buying from a pet store or breeder. As we have said, there are hundreds of animals that in many cases end up being euthanized. All these animals are looking for is a loving home. We can all pitch in and help these places keep caring for these animals. We can do a lot by donating or adopting one of the beautiful dogs.

Fortunately, our audience-base has responded very well. Many dogs have gone to very loving homes. Some of these dogs had been abused in the past and have emotional scars. The shelters themselves have staff that works hard on turning these dogs around. This is not always an easy task. There are many dogs who unfortunately have scars that end up taking a long time to heal.

The healing process also depends on the owner. There are owners who are willing to sacrifice and put in the work. A loving owner can work wonders for a dog who has been up used in the past. For some of these dogs, abuse is the only way of life they have known. When one of these dogs has a loving owner, this makes him believe in people again. The dog understands that he or she will now have a better life.

When a dog gets to a shelter, he gets the vaccines and baths he needs. He is also given a big dose of TLC. Many of them have not had a hug in several weeks, sometimes even months. A simple hug or a kind word works magic for some of these poor dogs. You can see how at the sound of each loving word; the dog’s life starts to change. His will to live is rekindled. They can go from being very depressed to start opening little by little.

One man had already gone to a shelter to adopt a small dog. He named his dog Weezie. He was a mischievous dog that loved his new home. This owner is a very loving man. Just by hearing at the way he talks to each dog you can tell that he has a lot of love to give. He decides to go to his local shelter to adopt a second dog. As soon as the dogs see him, they start jumping up and down inside a cage.

However, there is one dog who catches his eye. There is something about this pooch’s demeanor that breaks his heart. The dog is facing the wall and has his head down. It’s as if the dog wants his life to be over. He has a very sad look on his face. The man decides to go into the cage. The staff takes the other dogs out to make him more comfortable. Armed with fried chicken, he starts gaining the small dog’s trust. He speaks very loving words to the dog and you can see a light of hope in the dog’s face. The man decides to adopt this dog and names him Noodles. Will he be able to turn this very sad dog around?