Man Goes For Walk in Suburbs. You’ll Never Guess Who His Traveling Companion Is.

Imagine going out for a walk and being followed the whole time? That’d be pretty unnerving, right? Well, imagine if that “shadow” is a baby duck. Wouldn’t that be so much better. That’s the situation with the guy in this video. He’s walking along a suburb street and he’s got places to go. Problem is… Charley does NOT want to let him out of his sight. Even when he runs away, suddenly there’s a frantic waddling of webbed feet, flapping of wings and indignant peeps.

Charley is a young duck, that’s for sure. Aside from his fuzziness, we can tell because he has absolutely no regard for his safety. He comes dangerously close to being squashed by his daddy’s heel as he walks near him. Of course, the daddy is paying close attention to where the little guy is. Personally, I don’t know what I’d do if I had a baby duck follow me home… especially since I have two cats who would view him as dinner.

If we could translate Charley’s peeps, we’d probably see “DADDY! STAY! I WANT TO PLAY! PLEASE! LOOK HOW CUTE I AM.” Yes, he’s certainly right there – look how awesomely fuzzy he is. If I had a duck like that who wanted to hang out with me that day, I think I’d suddenly “duck” work or school. Get it? “Duck” work for a duck. Sigh. Tough crowd. Anyways, I hope that they got to play together later.

The only animal I’ve ever had follow me around was a feral cat in my old neighborhood. She was such a sweetie but there was NO way I was letting her in my house, since at the time I had a young baby and another cat. It got to the point that if I saw her down the block, I would SPRINT to my door with the key out and unlocking the door. It was almost like a horror movie… with a cute cat instead of a homicidal hockey-mask-wearing maniac.

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