Man Hates To See Street Dogs Suffering, So He Rescues 450 Of Them And Takes Them Home!

The world could use more kind hearts like the one in the video below. Sasa Pejčić, a Serbian native, couldn’t stand to see the lives of homeless street dogs. Many of these dogs were starving, and would likely end up in the hands of the dogcatchers sooner or later.

Instead of just feeling bad about it, Sasa decided to do something. One by one, he adopted the dogs, taking care of them at his home. The property where he lives includes a set of running stables, a perfect area for what is now well over 400 dogs.

Though Sasa started his sanctuary using his own money, he would soon get help. A US organization, Harmony Fund, heard about his efforts and decided to reach out.

“Here they are loved and not expected to do anything other than to simply be dogs,” Laura Simpson, founder of the Harmony Fund, said. “Many are adopted out internationally to good homes, and others will spend their remaining days at the sanctuary.”

Sasa has worked hard to ensure the dogs in his care won’t have to worry about when they’re going to get their next meal, or finding a safe place to sleep. They can enjoy full, rich lives, thanks to his kindness.

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