This Man Made Friends With A Polar Bear! Now They Swim Together!

I’ve come across several amazing human-animal friendships in the internet, from dogs, cats and some other more exotic pets. However nothing had prepared me for the next story!  There are so many animals out there that look cute and cuddly from the outside, but are actually potentially dangerous animals. The perfect example that comes into mind is a bear. Well, this man, defied all odds by befriending a polar bear.

Meet Mark Dumas. He isn’t afraid of polar bears, even though they’re huge animals that could afflict serious harm on a human if they wanted.  Mark didn’t let that stop him from becoming best friends with a polar bear! He developed a special bond with this bear through the years and he even swims with him!

Any polar bear enthusiast knows that these bears are deadlier in the water! Mark, however, isn’t like most humans. When you see the footage below you’ll see how much they trust each other! You’ll definitely smile when you see their incredible interaction! The best part is how natural de bear moves around his human friend!

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