Man sings ‘Crazy’ in the same key as Patsy Cline

Home Free

The 5 men of the Acappella country group, Home Free, pride themselves on their ingenious way of making country songs. And they captured our hearts! The quintet was founded in Minnesota by brothers Chris and Adam Rupp in 2000, along with three other singers. The group’s membership has altered over the years and currently includes five singers: Austin Brown, Adam Rupp, Rob Lundquist, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance.

Home Free took the Acappella world by storm when they played “The Sing-Off.” The five-part group beat the competition every week, building a reputation as skilled harmonists and sound effects singers until they earned their spot as winners of the show’s fourth season.

Country singer Patsy Cline performed for nearly a decade before her big television appearance in 1957, singing “Walking After Midnight.” She followed up with many countries and pop crossover hits, including “Crazy,” in which she became a prominent figure in Nashville prior to her death in a 1963 plane crash in Camden, Tennessee.

Austin Brown

“Crazy” has continued to be covered endlessly by artists ranging from Kenny Rogers to Shirley Bassey and has also become a trademark for young LeAnn Rimes. But take on a new life with the stellar harmonies of Home Free.

The white and black video, which features the five best-dressed members of Home Free, is one of many videos that the vocal-only group plans to continue releasing.

For Home Free, making videos was a way to be in front of your fans, who can gaze on them perform from the comfort of their home. “Crazy” could be a version of a feeling that was very real to Patsy Cline. Of course, the emotion in the line comes from the singing of it. Cline is known for singing the sad side of love, and for a good reason: her love life was almost always explosive and her huge voice filled even the simplest sentences with that turbulence.

One of the most recent releases is from Neil Young, on his album A Letter Home. French vocal stylist (and former First Lady) Carla Bruni covers it with Nelson on her album French Touch. But the artist who will always own “Crazy” is Patsy Cline.

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Man sings \'Crazy\' in the same key as Patsy Cline