Man Turns Car Accident Into A Thanksgiving Miracle! Watch What He Does For This Family!

Kameron Schrader was out on the road in Lubbock, Texas, when he got into quite the unusual accident. While he was driving over a bridge, all of a sudden the windshield on his truck was shattered. He didn’t even see what caused it.

“It was very, very loud, and I couldn’t even tell you what was going on,” said Kameron. When he stopped the truck, he noticed it was a large bird that he had never encountered before. A second look proved it to be a wild turkey.

“By the time I got stopped, I realized it was a big ol’ turkey,” he said, “and then I kind of started thinking about it being Thanksgiving, and it was kind of ironic.” The turkey was 30 pounds and didn’t survive the impact. That’s when he got one bright idea.

“Unfortunately, it had passed away already. I tried to clean up my truck a little bit, and actually stopped on the service road right next to some little houses,” he said. A family came outside, so he asked them if they wanted the bird for Thanksgiving.

“A little family came out and I asked them if they could use it,” he said, “because obviously, there’s nothing I could do with it. They were pretty excited. It was a pretty good-size turkey, so they took it up to the house and I guess they got a turkey dinner out of it.” What a great way to ensure that an animal’s life isn’t sacrificed in vain by helping a family in need.

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