Man Walks His Dog Wearing An “Astronaut-Looking-Suit.” Wait Until You See Why…

Bees are a very important part of our ecosystem. If bees disappeared about one-third of our food would disappear with them as well. That’s a lot of food. People usually think that bees are only useful for the honey they produce. Honey is just one part of it. These are amazing animals that balance our ecosystem in many ways.

First, they help carry the pollen with their tiny hairs. When bees are looking for nectar inside flowers, they spread the pollen throughout many different plants. They can cover large extensions of land in a single day. In some way, they are like modern-day farmers. Bees exist almost everywhere, the only thing they need is a little bit of warm weather. There are places where hot weather exists all-year round. These are the best places for them as their honey production is up and running all year.

Some places have seen a surge of a disease that attacks the colonies. This disease is called American foulbrood. Once a hive gets infected, it spreads rapidly. The beehive usually dies shortly. Remember, if not only the honey production that is on the line. It’s also most of our crops that heavily rely on bees. Some people have teamed up to do something about it.

This is not something easy to accomplish as bees can provide a very painful sting. When you’re talking about an entire beehive, a person can get stung thousands of times. This can lead to very serious injuries and cannot be taken lightly. Some people, are doing something about this. One man in Australia is worried about this problem and realized that he could teach his dog to detect the hives that were infected. Once this was done, he could take corrective measures like quarantining the hive until all of them were better.

The problem is how do you keep the dog from getting stung so many times. He starts to sketch what would be a dog suit. This is at dog’s version of a bee-suit that many experts use when dealing with bees. It prevents the bees from injuring the person or animal wearing it. It takes a lot of trial and error, but after a while, he is able to come up with a successful model.

The problem is getting his dog to wear it. As you know, dogs don’t really like to wear anything on them. Sometimes even getting a sweater on them is difficult. Whenever the dog needs to wear the suit, he’s not happy. The man believes that is just a matter of getting him used to it. After this, he will be more comfortable wearing it. Every day this dog helps save thousands of bees. And they’re just getting started.