M*A*S*H Cast Then and Now – How They Changed

The cast of MASH was the finest ensemble to appear on American television. Between the 1970s and 1980s, they entertained a captive audience for 11 seasons.

In this video, you can see just how much they’ve changed over time. It’s a thought that may cross your mind when watching the revered reruns. You may wonder what these actors look like now or if they’re still with us.

The first actor addressed is Alan Alda. Alda played the charismatic Hawkeye. He’s the most notable actor considering he would appear in several films after MASH.

The video reveals what Alda looked like in the role at the age of 36 in 1972. On the right, you can see him at age 86 in 2022. He still has that iconic smile.

The next actor is Loretta Swift, who played Hot Lips. On the left, you can see her long hair and big lips at age 35 in 1972. She still has that hair on the right, age 85 in 2022.

Next up is Jamie Farr playing the unpredictable Klinger. On the left, he appeared on the show in drag when he was 38 in 1972. On the right, you can see him with white hair and smiling at age 88 in 2022.

William Christopher played Father Mulcahy. On the left, he had his iconic hat and glasses at age 40 in 1972. On the right, he still had glasses at age 84 in 2016, when he died.

Brave Colonel Potter plays Harry Morgan. He looked old but determined in 1974 when he was 59. As he aged, he had a few more wrinkles, dying in 2011 at 96.

Gary Burghoff was the plucky Radar. He was young and spirited; the photo showed him at age 31 in 1974. He lost his hair, and his glasses got more prominent when he turned 79 in 2022.

Mike Farrell was Captain Hunnicutt. He was tall and expressive at age 36 in 1975. He appears wide-eyed in his photo, showcasing him at age 83 in 2022.

The video continues showcasing nearly every actor who appeared in MASH. There’s also some tender music appropriately suited for those actors who are no longer with us.

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M*A*S*H Cast Then and Now – How They Changed