Master storyteller Paul Harvey shares “A Christmas Memory”

Paul Harvey was one of the most famous radio personalities ever known. Millions of people would switch on their radios and wait for his “The Rest of the Story” every week. They loved listening to him as he had the most unique news and views.

Paul Harvey

His way of delivering the message to the listeners was very unique. His stories were enjoyable and pleasant. Harvey talked about unknown facts about famous people or things before they became popular. Recently, one of the videos, where Harvey told a beautiful and touching story about a famous British mom and son, gained popularity amongst netizens.

Harvey sat on his living room couch and talked about how everyone recalled at least one memorable holiday, usually from childhood. He was about to tell this beautiful story from a famous person’s fond Christmas memory of a winter long past.

Paul Harvey

10-year-old Charlie was out with his mom during his Christmas vacation. The family had earlier decided to spend some time in the countryside. Charlie was surprised to find how lovely the white snow looked, unlike the busy streets where the snow was blackened by the heavy traffic.

His mom had asked him if he wanted to go for a car ride, to which Charlie readily agreed. So, the mom and son drove down the snow-laden lane. However, as they drove by, it began snowing heavily a mile down the road. Their car slid to one side of the road into the shallow snow drift.

Paul Harvey

Charlie thought it was fun, while his mother smiled at him and tried to reverse the car, but it was useless. Unfortunately, the car was stuck. Thankfully, there was a house nearby. The strangers were friendly and allowed them to use the phone, and soon some people came to rescue the adventurers.

Paul Harvey had the voice and the storytelling talent to enthrall and surprise the listeners. Harvey’s audience was curious till the end about who the story was all about. Finally, he revealed the names of the real people behind the adventure-filled story as Queen Elizabeth & little Charles, heir to the throne (now king). Harvey ended the story with his catchphrase, “And now you know, his favorite Christmas recollection, now that you know the rest of the story.”

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