Meet Nao The Pug! You Won’t Believe Her Reaction To This Toy!

Pets are amazing they’re like your roommates in college. So many different personalities, and you don’t get to choose the one that you get. Plenty of times you may fight, but you share many memories together, or maybe your roommate turned into your best friend. However no matter what, there was always time to just laugh at the silliness your friend got up to. In the video below we will see a very funny reaction from this pet, that might even put your roomie’s St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans to shame!

Animals all have very different endearing personalities  and come on, you have to admit, it’s hard not to laugh at your pet when they do things like watch sports on TV , or when you find out that they have an irrational fear of something like cucumbers.

Meet Nao The Pug. If you have seen videos of her, you know that her personality is silly, even though she’s 2 years old, makes it seem like she is still just a tiny pup. In this video, she comes across a toy that belongs in the bath, and after that funny times follow!

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