Meet The World’s Only Venomous Primate, The Adorable Tiny Loris

Meet The Red Slender Loris, The Only Venomous Primate In The WorldDr. Evan traveled to Sri Lanka to meet some of the most fascinating primates on the planet, the Red Slender Loris. At a conservancy on the island, Dr. Evan gets to feed a 2-week-old baby Loris that was rescued after the loss of his mother.

The Loris is a native species to Sri Lanka, and the only primate to have venom. They have venom glands under their arms which they lick before they bite their prey.

Dr. Evan got to visit with these amazing creatures and bring some visibility to the need to preserve jungle species like the Loris. He even got the chance to feed a baby Loris, which just warmed our hearts.

Meet The World\'s Only Venomous Primate, The Adorable Tiny Loris