Poker-faced choirboys bring down the house

The Catalunia Boy’s Choir takes their name a bit too literally, and the results are wonderfully hilarious. 

The choir is about to perform a piece written in the 18th century called “humorous duet for two cats” (“Duetto buffo di due gatti” in the original Italian.)

You might say that the composer was a cat person. You’ll understand why when you hear these boys sing, and sing they do… quite beautifully so. Their voices of the choir are utterly resplendedant and the comic timing is PERFECT. GOOD JOB, BOYS!

The “lyrics” consist entirely of the repeated word “miau” (“meow”) and by the time this beautiful piece has played, you will be fluent in cat-speak, and for those of you that already are, you’ll appreciate the nuance even more. You might even pick up a few new words to impress your cat.

Few people have heard about this classical music piece written in the 18th century.  It will crack you up big time! This is the funniest and the most hilarious duet you will ever come across especially if you’re a feline friend. Enjoy!