Mesmerizing Timelapse of Breathtaking Stain Glass Window Painting the Walls

You can usually find stain glass windows in iconic buildings and churches all around the world. When sunlight penetrates through the glass, it creates quite a spectacle. The video below shows an incredible time-lapse of the morning sun coming through the windows of a cathedral.

Located in Washington, D.C., the National Cathedral has several detailed stained glass windows throughout the building. The footage starts by showing the entire room as the morning light begins to pour in, reflecting the stained glass onto the walls.

With music composed by Danyal Dhondy, and photography by Colin Winterbottom, this video is a work of art. We get to see close up shots of the sun casting a reflection of the stained glass all across the interior of the room.

Originally, the video didn’t have any music to it and was left silent. We’re thankful Colin teamed up with Danyal to create a breathtaking masterpiece. Seeing this in your home or workplace every day would be a delightful morning experience.