Mini-Horse Derby Is A Demonstration Of Sheer Joy By These Tiny Horses

There is nothing more heart-warming than to watch innocent animals express their joy at living and being alive. And that is what this video is all about. A happy herd of miniature horses is tearing up the place as they race around the stalls at their rescue ranch, So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary, at Hemet California.

Although the little horses spend a lot of their day freely roaming the large pastures at the ranch when they are let out into the box stalls area they always feel motivated to do some laps.

Like a little mini derby, they race around and around the stalls, mostly all in the same direction, on a track they have chosen themselves. Nobody appears to be a clear winner; they are all winners as they work off some energy and celebrate the joy of being alive.

These miniature horses are all rescues, saved from abuse, neglect, abandonment and even the slaughterhouse. This is the work of the Candelario family and volunteers who rescue the mini horses and rehabilitate them from their previous sad lives.

The sanctuary is a non-profit charitable community who seek to find new, loving homes with a new rewarding life for each of the little rescues. They have rescued more than 100 mini horses, and at any one time, there can be up to 60 living at the sanctuary.

Each of the little creatures deserves a chance to find a safe, loving home. If they cannot be re-homed, they will have a permanent place on the ranch and can still enjoy a meaningful life amongst others of their kind.

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Mini-Horse Derby Is A Demonstration Of Sheer Joy By These Tiny Horses