Mini Horse LOVES To Show Off. What This Little Guy Does In Front Of The Camera? PRECIOUS!

The video below features a horse from South East Queensland, Australia. Charlie is a pet miniature horse who is going to steal your heart in a matter of seconds. He is very small compared to other horses, but his energy level is pretty high! His caretakers call him a miniature horse with an attitude. They say he likes to get a little crazy in the late afternoons.

In this clip, we can see Charlie running around all over the place. He is very fast, and from time to time he even stops to get some loving rubs from his owners. You are going to fall in love the moment you see him. According to his owners, he is full of personality and there’s never a dull moment when Charlie gets going. He is bigger now and he has a completely different color too.

In this clip he is still quite young and fuzzy, which just adds to how cute he is. He is running around his mom and his owners, not stopping for a minute. But he doesn’t just run. Every now and then he hops, and it is adorable. It’s also funny how his mom just keeps eating, as if to say, “These humans are here. Let them watch him for a few minutes. I’m exhausted.” She doesn’t pay any attention to his antics.

At some point Charlie must have stopped to get a pat on the head from one of his humans, and this somehow turned into a great butt scratch! It hilarious! He is in pure ecstasy as his human gives him a good scratch above the tail.

Watch this little cutie below! Did he warm your heart? Feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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