Mini Horse LOVES To Show Off And Play. What This Little Guy Does In Front Of The Camera? PRECIOUS!

When we think of different pet animals I think that most of us tend to think of the more usual ones. We’re talking about dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. Those are the more standard animals but there are others that are beloved pets but they simply don’t get much, if any, recognition.

One of those guys is a mini horse named Charlie. Charlie is an adorable little mini horse who lives in South East Queensland, Australia with his owners. If you’ve never seen a mini horse before we just want to forewarn you, they are absolutely adorable.

Little Charlie has an infinite amount of energy, which he tries to burn off by running all over the farm. He doesn’t just run though, he also hops, skips and jumps. He is always all over the place and has more spunk then what his owners know what to do with. Apparently the late afternoon is the time when Charlie becomes his craziest and does his wildest stunts.

While watching Charlie run and play we promise you that you will just marvel at his amount of energy. Quite honestly we actually got a little worn out just by watching this cutie run around and play! We promise that you will fall in love with this little mini horse, we know that we did!

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