Mini Support Horse Flies For First Time Helping PTSD Sufferer Travel

Miniature horses have been approved as support animals in certain states across the US, and this adorable footage of an owner and her pet stepping onto a plane will show you why.

A miniature support horse Flirty and her owner take a commercial flight for the first time, much to the surprise of surrounding passengers. The airline was prepared and happy to receive them, while the adorable horse held composure, helping her owner all the way.

Flirty is the support animal who helps Abrea Hensley, who suffers from PTSD due to childhood trauma. Finally, the cutie can accompany her owner on flights allowing her to visit family she hasn’t seen in years.

Abrea is allergic to dogs and has developed an incredible bond with Flirty. The two are inseparable, and almost everyone they meet is overjoyed by the idea of a horse on a plane.