Mom calls out to pet lamb but animal ignores her and prances around house in hilarious fashion

You’ll find that pets come in all shapes and sizes in family homes around the world. Gone are the days where a cat or a dog will do, and down the years we’ve seen everything from pet elephants to pet alligators – which are usually more associated with James Bond villains. There’s even been a man with a pet buffalo that he lets inside the house! In the grand scheme of things then, a pet lamb isn’t that crazy – but when the adorable creature starts acting like this – it looks like owning one is all kinds of fun!

It’s debatable as to whether or not Bea is doing these antics on purpose, while her mom calls her name, but what is for certain, is just how much you’re going to be laughing when she does it. We can almost guarantee you’ve never seen a lamb as funny as this, as little Bea bounds from room to room, stamping her hooves on the carpet and looking like she’s having a wonderful time!

Lambs are often a popular choice for a pet as they are very gentle animals who are responsive to human interaction. They also work well around other pets and children, which is perfect if you’ve already got yourself an old Macdonald’s farm on the go. You’ll need to sheer them once or twice a year too – and then get that made into something snug for the winter!

There are downsides to lamb ownership though, as they will most likely not give two hoots where they deposit their bodily fluids and solids. If you’ve got an expensive Asian rug you might want to think twice about letting a lamb anywhere near it! If you can put up with the never-ending potty training, then good luck to you!

That isn’t the problem here though, as little Bea gleefully bounds between rooms, either deliberately hiding from her mom or she’s got no idea where her voice is coming from. The bouncy creature launches herself across the hallway like a miniature furry rocket, and mom might have to worry about the hoof dents on the floors!

If you’re considering getting a pet lamb make sure you check out this video first as it’s highly likely it will convince you to get one! That moment and the end when Bea finds her mom – move over cats and dogs, there’s a new player in town!