When mom and dad smooch, baby girl gets jealous and makes priceless faces

Jealousy is a powerful human emotion and people begin to experience it surprisingly early in life, sometimes when they’re only five months old. Jealousy is an entire complex of emotions and behaviors, so it’s been difficult for scientists to nail down a full understanding of it. This sometimes overwhelming emotion has long been a theme in art, literature, theater, music, movies, and more. William Shakespeare famously called it the “green eyed monster.”

Sometimes a child gets along especially well with one parent. It’s not that they love the other parent less. It’s just a matter of two personalities forming a really good team. Indeed, a couple of classic child-rearing tropes are the “daddy’s girl” and “mamma’s boy.” Early psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had all sorts of wild ideas about attraction to the opposite-gender parent and how it got resolved: this was a battle of ids, egos, and super-egos. Whether they were on to something or, well, crazy has been hotly debated for a century.

Matt Hanneken has shared a video of his own jealous little daddy’s girl. She doesn’t like it all when mommy and daddy share even the quickest little kiss. And really, we can’t blame her for wanting all the love for herself. In the video, we see mom and dad standing close to each other, one of them holding their baby girl. The parents give each other a little kiss and then they have to calm the little girl down. The faces she makes are just priceless. It’s a quick transition from happy to crying, with some expert pouting thrown in. She uses that lower lip of hers as a weapon! We’ve posted the video so you can see this adorable baby girl in action.

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