After his mom faints, her 5-year-old son does something truly heroic.

Do you remember what you were doing when you were 5 years old? I was playing all day and wouldn’t have a care. On Saturdays, I would wake up early, just so I could watch cartoons. I didn’t worry about money, I didn’t have any broken bones, all I did was play all day. My family was very healthy too. My father believed in living a healthy lifestyle.

That year, when my father got his vacation, he would take me every day to run at 6 o’clock in the morning. My mother thought my father was a little crazy. I was only 5 years old and going out jogging? She didn’t agree to that, but she let him do it anyway. It was my first contact with a healthy lifestyle, and even though I hated it back then, it’s something I am glad I did.

One of my friends lived right across the street. He didn’t get to go out that much because his mother was sick almost all the time. She had osteoporosis and a heart condition. She could not really exercise due to her heart condition and was not able to do a lot of stuff around the house because of her osteoporosis. So, he would help her when his father was out working.

I and my friends would get invited to his home to play. We did go every now and then. He would let us know when he was free, and we would go there. We would even fix sandwiches while we were there. We also watched TV and played board games. His mother was very nice. Even though I am sure she would be feeling so well most of the time, it didn’t even show.

There are parents who have such conditions that it not only becomes impossible for them to leave the house but that even the slightest thing could trigger an episode. People who have seizures and are under medication need to be very careful that there’s always an adult nearby to make sure they are always safe in case they have a seizure.

For one mother, this would prove to be shockingly true. She has suffered from seizures for some time now, and she believed everything was under control. One day she was at home with her 5-year-old son and her baby daughter. She decided to take a bath in her bathtub without thinking too much about it. That is when she had a seizure. Her son discovered her and knew something was wrong. He didn’t know how to dial 911, so he did something that earned him the title of “Honorary Firefighter instead!”