Mom feeds owl with squirt bottle, internet in stitches as bird insists on bathing with it instead

Polly want a cracker? Well we all know what sort of bird we are talking about here don’t we? The parrot is a very popular bird to keep as a pet and can give their human hours of pleasure with their antics and vocabulary. But there are many other types of birds out there that some people chose to keep as pets. It is quite a responsibility keeping a bird in captivity, after all, they are still a wild animal and are not usually domesticated the way a dog or cat is.

One very unusual bird to have as a pet is the Owl. These mostly nocturnal animals are by far one of Mother Nature’s most efficient hunters and can survive alone for years. They are known for the well-equipped arsenal of hunting skills, such as binocular vision. That sound scary enough just by itself. Binaural hearing, I don’t know what that means, but it must be a good thing…right? They have super sharp talons and their feathers have been adapted for silent flight, these birds are almost stealth. Their appetite manly includes small mammals and insect, so keeping one as a pet could be a bit tricky.

The video below features a fine-feathered-friend named Curbie who has been brought up by humans making him somewhat dependent on his mom. Now there is nothing Curbie likes more than mom giving him a drink of water from a spray bottle. He even knows how to ask ever-so-politely for a drink as he flies over to greet his mom who has just walked into the room. After his thirst has been quenched, Curbie decides that it might be time for a quick bath, so again, so politely, lifts his wing for mom to take aim with the spray bottle and start the bathing procedure.

According to the “Bird Ecology Study Group” Owls bathe once in a while in the wild. They do this by standing at the edge of a lake or stream, flap their wings to splash water over themselves then once they are finished, they shake the excess water from their bodies and sun themselves dry. Not at any stage is there mention of a water-spray-bottle, this must have been an oversight or someone forgot to tell Curbie how an owl is supposed to bathe.

Now Curbie obviously missed the “How to be an OWL” classes at school so he knows no better than using his moms water spray to get all that daily grime and dirt off of his feathery-body. As you watch the video you can see just how much pleasure he is deriving from the high-tech-bird-bath he is having. Just a little splash here, and a little splash there…….oh this is so good………I wonder if mom would warn the water a little for me?