Mom of three autistic children shares their busy bedtime routine

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects an individual’s communication, behavior, and social interaction. It is a lifelong condition, and people with autism often struggle with daily activities. One of them is following bedtime routines. However, bedtime can become a peaceful and comfortable experience with proper support and strategies.

Rob and Brittny Owen are parents to three boys diagnosed with autism. They have been sharing their experiences online to raise awareness about this condition. Recently, Brittny shared valuable information about her children’s bedtime routines.

Bedtime routines are essential for everyone, but they are even more critical for children with autism. Consistency is vital, but it is also necessary to be flexible and accommodate individual needs. For example, Brittny’s youngest son, Alistair, is sensitive to abrasive toothbrush bristles. Therefore, Brittny warms up the bristles with hot water to make them more comfortable for him.

Alistair’s comfort items are flannel and his dogs’ toys, and he loves the sensation and texture of these items. Brittny also keeps a hot water bottle and a nightlight near the kids. These small gestures create a soothing environment that helps Alistair relax and sleep comfortably.

Connor, Rob and Brittny’s second child, has a fan on at night for white noise, which helps him focus on sleeping, despite his brother’s talking. Brittny also removes all electronic devices from the kids’ rooms before bedtime, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Ian, the eldest son, loves plush toys and cars, and he reminds his parents to read scriptures and pray before bedtime. These small routines help Ian relax and sleep comfortably and promote spiritual growth and bonding as a family.

Bedtime routines are critical for children with autism, and every child’s needs are unique. Observing the child’s preferences and adapting to their routine is essential. Consistency and flexibility are crucial, as they provide a sense of security and comfort to children with autism.

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Mom of three autistic children shares their busy bedtime routine